Thursday, October 9, 2014

Enix Sandbags Line - Hold Review

NOTE: To better reflect the nature of these holds, Enix has chosen to change the name of this line from Jugs to the far more appropriate name - Sandbags.  

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The Sandbags line from Enix Climbing offers 26 holds:

  • 10 small- $71
  • 5 Medium- $63
  • 5 Large- $84
  • 5 XL- $?
  • 1 XXL- $48

  • First thing first, these holds are not the typical, sinker, OH THANK GOD! type of jug that one is used to. They do however, offer a positive profile, but lack the full finger wrap that the name jug implies. They range from SMALL to XL, and one XXL feature. The sizes SMALL- XL offer a solid pour construction and the XXL sports hollow back construction, creating an extremely light hold for its size. 

    These holds have a sticky texture, but not on the aggressive side. The radius of the gripping surface combined with the texture, offers comfort for long sessions. These holds will take layers of skin, not chunks. The SMALLs offer 1 – 1.5 pads of gripping surface, and this increases as you progress upwards through the hold sizes. These are workhorse holds. They shined on the 50 degree wall making for moderate to difficult climbing. On the 20 degree wall the difficulty is dialed back. Though, on steep terrain volumes could be used to mitigate the difficulty. 

    Everyone can enjoy these holds, from Gumby to mutant. The geometry makes it easy to force moves to create fun and difficult climbing. There was one issue with the XXL feature that was encountered. The hollow back is aggressive, removing a lot of material. This causes the hold to flex up to 1/4”, as you can see in the video. Enix was contacted, and the mold will be modified to alleviate this issue. The only real drawback is the name…Jugs. This can be deceiving to consumers, and the holds are too unique to be given such a generic name.  That aside, these holds are loads of fun, and every climbing wall should sport some of these “Jugs.”

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